The summer is getting even sunnier in Mississauga! Get ready for some picture-perfect photo ops because, for the next few weeks, you can traipse through a stunning field of sunflowers with more than a million bright blooms.


For the fifth year, Lakeview Village has once again brought back its incredible sunflower field, adding some more brightness to Sauga this summer. If you’re looking for the perfect outing to capture that farm-visit feeling without leaving the city, this is it. While you explore the sunflowers, you’re sure to catch sight of the pollinators they attract, along with local birds and wildlife.

Planted and maintained by Lakeview Village at 985 Hydro Rd., the sunflower field is located on the future site of an upcoming housing community. Planting sunflowers here has a dual purpose. While beautiful, the plants also help revitalize the land, which previously housed a coal power plant, restoring its natural ecosystem. For this reason, guests are asked not to pick the flowers, but photography is encouraged.

Once you’ve filled your camera role with plenty of sunflower snaps, take a walk along the art trail, 1,600 feet of artwork bordering the site featuring the work of 18 local and Indigenous artists including 14 muralists, two visual artists, a painter and a poet. This trail is lit up at night so you can enjoy it anytime. The path is lined with handcrafted benches made from repurposed wood, crafted by the local company Sawmill Sid. Nearby, you can also see the 15-foot-tall sculpture “The Light Within.”

If you’re not ready to end your outdoor outing, the Lakeview Village site is situated conveniently near the lakeshore and multiple waterfront parks including Lakefront Promenade Park, just a short bike ride away. Even closer, you can hang out at the on-site greenspace, a recreation field that’s available for public use. Pack your picnic and some lawn games to make a full day of it.

Good to know before you go:

  • The fields are pup-friendly but pets must be leashed.
  • The closest car parking is at the Lakeview Village Discovery Centre, but public transit, walking or biking to the sunflower field is recommended.
  • While the art trail is lit at night, the sunflower field is not, so its best to visit during the day. Tip: Time your visit for golden hour, the hour before sunset, for amazing photo lighting.

  • Wear sturdy shoes for your visit and make sure to only walk between the rows to protect the plants. Avoid picking or trampling any stems.  

If you want to bring some blooms home, consider supporting one of Mississauga’s many florists or garden centres such as Sheridan Nurseries or Mississauga Greenhouses.  

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  1. Margaret Fu

    So happy we can see the sunflowers in Mississauga, so thankful