There may still be some snow on the ground, but the seasonal shifts in March mean that a Canadian staple is on its way: maple syrup season. As the weather changes, the sap starts to run and Canadians flock to the sugar bush to harvest the maple trees’ offerings. 

Visiting a sugar shack is a wonderful late winter tradition not to be missed. Here’s how you can enjoy this traditional experience right here in Mississauga – plus some of the best places to indulge in some maple delights. 

Maple Syrup Experiences in Mississauga

Ready for a sweet time? From March 11-12 and March 18-19, you can partake in maple-themed activities during the Maple Magic Festival hosted by the Bradley Museum. 

During this special seasonal event, you and your family can learn about the syrup-making process as it’s harvested from the museum’s own sugar bush. Walk through the beautiful maple trees during a tour of the sap line and learn all about sap collection from the museum’s experts. Afterward, explore how the sap is boiled down to make the syrup we know and love. On the grounds you can see the pails, kettles and yokes used in days gone by and experience the history of maple syrup from its earliest origins. 

On March 11 or 12, enjoy an exclusive event! Join Elder Elder Mark Sault of the Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation around the fire pit as he shares stories, Indigenous maple sugaring traditions and traditional Anishinaabe teachings about the maple harvest. 

Beyond the immersive learning opportunities, kids will enjoy a variety of maple-themed crafts, games and activities, including a puppet show, The Great Maple Syrup Slurp Up, where only they can help the hero save the world’s supply of syrup. 

Of course, no visit to the sugar shack is complete without trying a taste! Enjoy some maple syrup on your pancakes, or indulge in a classic Canadian treat maple syrup taffy pulled right from fresh snow.


Before you go, make sure to visit the gift shop to pick up your own syrup stash to bring home.

Where to try Maple Meals and Treats

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