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Section 4:

Requirements for all Grant Recipients

All events will be asked to:

  • Include the Tourism Mississauga logo (with partners) on any print materials and on the event website at minimum at the same level as other funders of the event.
  • Supply a minimum of three (3) high resolution pictures that can be used for promotional purposes by Tourism Mississauga in reporting on the event or promoting future events.
  • Provide the event website address and social media information including any hashtags being used for the specific event.
  • Grant recipients are required to demonstrate the benefits of their program and hotel actualization numbers by submitting a Post Event Report. 

A template will be provided by Tourism Mississauga that will require the following information be completed:

  • the numbers of attendees/delegates
  • hotel room night actualization
  • the amount of grant funds uses and
  • the detailed allocation of the funds used
  • a description of legacy achieved (financial, sport, community and/or cultural)

Completed reports are due no later than 30 days after the final day of the event.  Failure to submit the required information may result in denial of the award and any pre-paid funds must be returned to Tourism Mississauga within 60 days.  If appropriate, post event feedback will also be provided by Tourism Mississauga.