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Section 3:

Evaluation Criteria & Grant Amount Determination

  • In order to properly allocate funding, applications are to be evaluated based on the following criteria: 
    • Event History 20% (previous event evaluations up to and including 2019 & reference checks for new applicants)
    • Economic Impact & Effectiveness 40% (Organizational Effectiveness, Marketing & Promotion, Budget)
    • Event Operations 30% (Visitor Experience, Facility & Site Use)
    • Community Impact 10% (Event Vision, Tourism, Legacy, Programming & Production)
  • Grant applications will be reviewed by staff & Board of Directors Events Committee for completeness and eligibility. 
  • Each application will be evaluated by the Board on an equal basis.  
  • All applicants will be notified of their application status within 30 days following the application deadline.  Awarded organizations will be notified in writing of the final grant amount via an “Award Letter.”
  • Grants may be used for expenses related to the business event including but not limited to: sponsorship, marketing, communications, transportation, and accommodations. 
  • Grants cannot be used for funding internal operations, including but not limited to: staff costs, payroll, operations etc and should not be required in order to successfully operate the event.

To understand which funding level your organization qualifies for, contact Tourism Mississauga directly.