Mississauga is a city steeped in history and rich in culture. It’s those facets that make it the inspiration for many works of art and a hub of creativity.

Having access to art fosters thoughtful and connected communities and Mississauga has many displays and programs for everyone to enjoy. Whether you’re visiting the city or looking to explore your own neighbourhood, taking in the city’s art is one of the best ways to enjoy Mississauga.

Where to find public art around Mississauga

Nothing brings out the vibrancy of the city like art, and taking an art tour is a great way to sightsee – even if you’re playing the tourist in your own neighbourhood. Mississauga currently has 20 permanent public art pieces that are accessible for anyone to view throughout the city, as well as a number of temporary displays.

Some popular pieces include:

  • The Book: Located in Celebration Square, this piece by artist Ilan Sandler is – pretty much what you’d expect, based on its title – a large, steel statue with its pages ‘fluttering.’
  • Buen Amigo: This art piece, which depicts a horse in a nod to the area’s agricultural roots, sits at the base of the Absolute World Condominiums (commonly known as the Marilyn Monroe Towers) – which are, in and of themselves, a sight to behold for lovers of art and design.
  • Pool of Knowledge: This work, created by Stacey Spiegel, is a water feature on the grounds of the Living Arts Centre, with panels featuring letters of the alphabet cast in aluminum.
  • ORCHARD This exhibit is the intersection of art, history and ecology. ORCHARD, located at the Small Arms Inspection Building on Lakeshore, is an urban apple orchard that includes rare and eccentric apple varietals.
  • Poetry Lane: A joint effort between artist Hiba Abdallah and Mississauga Poet Laureate Paul Edward Costa, this temporary installation features 10 aluminum signs, each containing a poem, displayed along 4 km of the Burnhamthorpe Trail between Dixie and Absolute.

Take a walking tour of the public art displays with Mississauga’s Public Art Map, which lists all of the current pieces.

Local Art Galleries You’ll Love

If you want to spend an afternoon browsing a variety of artworks, a gallery visit might be more up your alley, and Mississauga has plenty:

  • The Art Gallery of Mississauga has a continually changing calendar of exhibits, with a focus on contemporary art from both Canadian and international artists. The AGM also offers free tours, talks and events.

  • The Living Arts Centre is part theatre, part gallery. In addition to features from community members, the gallery features a number of micro-exhibitions, some of which include needlework, abstract paintings and experimental installations.

  • Crescent Hill Gallery has been a cornerstone of the Mississauga art scene since it was established in 1985. A favourite of local connoisseurs, it features a broad range of works from Canadian artists.

Just for Kids

While kids will enjoy taking in the city’s public art, from its giant books that stir imagination to its colourful murals, there are also lots of art experiences tailor made for them.

  • The Art Gallery of Mississauga is perfect for any age but kids will especially enjoy Creative Art Days in the Centre, where they can participate in artistic activities, free of charge. The AGM also offers online Kids Crafts classes.
  • Visual Arts Mississauga, located in the beautiful Riverwood Conservancy, not only features exhibitions for all ages to enjoy, they also have kids, teens and adult art programs.
  • If you’re heading to Celebration Square with kids this Halloween, don’t miss the Monster Tales story walk. Running from October 22 – 31, this event brings the joy of reading off the page, so you can enjoy the artistry of these not-so-spooky stories while you walk.

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