Throughout Mississauga, there are hidden pieces of history. Within its neighbourhoods, there are traces of times past in residential homes, churches, and shopping areas. To visit all of the many heritage sites in the area would likely take days, but these historic Mississauga spots are well worth spending a day discovering. 

Start your tour in Clarkson, which was known at one point as “Merigold’s Point” after one of the area’s earliest families, before being called “Clarkson’s Corners” for another prominent settler, Warren Clarkson. In this neighbourhood you can visit the Clarkson-Barrett House, the home of Warren Clarkson and one of the oldest structures in Mississauga, as well as more heritage homes dating back to the 19th century. One of these is the Benares Historic House – a Georgian estate situated on beautiful park-like grounds.

From there, visit the Bradley Museum Complex, which includes The Anchorage, an Ontario Regency style cottage from the early nineteenth century, the Bradley House, a farmhouse from 1830, a restored log cabin from the mid 1800s and a barn from the turn of the last century. Surrounded by maples, this is a popular spot in sugar bush season, and the grounds are beautiful in the Fall.

Next, venture to Port Credit. The harbour here is typically one of the biggest draws, but it’s also full of beautiful heritage buildings dating back to 1850. Notable spots include the Delaney House, a Gothic Revival style home, the Robert Cotton House, a Georgian Survival house built by prominent merchant Robert Cotton in 1856. The stunning Adamson Estate, with its picturesque stone façade and red roof, making it a popular spot for photography and events, can also be found in Port Credit.

Streetsville is known for being seeped in history, so a visit to this village is a must on any heritage tour. Many of the streetscapes here are relatively unchanged and there are dozens of heritage structures. Some notable highlights include the Streetsville Grammar School, circa 1951, and the Montreal House, the oldest remaining structure in the area (built in 1821.) Streetsville is also the site of the Leslie Log House, a rare surviving century log house.

Meadowvale is another popular spot for enjoying scenic historic walks, with many of the heritage buildings left unchanged from their 19th century origins. One of the most interesting structures is the Commercial Hotel, a former public house circa 1852 featuring a two-storey veranda. Among the most historically significant sites in the area are the Meadowvale Mill Ruins, the remains of the Silverthorne Grist Mill that was first established in 1845 and demolished in 1954. Find these while enjoying a walk along the Credit River.

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