With so many attractions, restaurants and nature areas, even locals likely haven’t explored all there is to do in Mississauga. This year, make a resolution to take advantage of all of Mississauga’s amenities, attractions and natural wonders. Start by adding these eight must-try activities to your list!

1. Find All the Local Gems

This year, try being a tourist in your own city! Get your Local Gems Pass and try to be the first person to visit all of the local gems for a chance to win $500 in gift cards to spend across Mississauga. This treasure hunt will take you from historic houses to exciting attractions, secret parks, and some of the best restaurants Mississauga has to offer. Plus, you’ll get access to exclusive deals and discounts – what’s better than that?

2. Take a Staycation – and Save

With Ontario’s new Staycation Tax Credit, which allows you to claim 20% of eligible accommodation expenses for hotels, it’s the perfect time to plan a Sauga staycation and enjoy some of the city’s incredible hotels. While travel may be restricted right now, you can still book a hotel stay to enjoy some R&R. Mississauga’s hotels are among the best in the province and offer a range of amenities, from indoor waterslides to spas. Take a few days off to enjoy the attractions in your own backyard!

3. Celebrate All Seasons in the Square

Celebration Square is the heart of Mississauga, the centre of entertainment in the city. This year, make a plan to enjoy all that the Square has to offer throughout the seasons, from spectacular outdoor skating in the winter, to refreshing fountains in the summer, and a variety of seasonal events all year long. Don’t miss out on features such as Legends Row, highlighting prominent Mississaugans, the Queen’s Jubilee Garden, and public art, including the much-loved sculpture The Book.

4. Take a Foodie Tour of the City

If your resolution this year is to try some new foods, Mississauga has you covered. Try taking a tour of the more than 150 unique cuisines available through the city’s hundreds of restaurants. If you’re planning a staycation, make a list of restaurants to try while you check out some Mississauga experiences. You can enjoy a foodie tour from the comfort of home by establishing a weekly takeout night and choosing a new cuisine each week. Consider supporting some of the new restaurants that have recently opened their doors. 

5. Soak in the Sun at the Waterfront

One of Mississauga’s most beautiful features is its wealth of waterfront areas to enjoy. This year, make a point to spend more time by the water. Whether you prefer to stroll along the Credit River or enjoy a sunny, sandy beach picnic day, you’ll be glad you took some time to enjoy Mississauga’s waterside splendors. Try stepping up your outing by renting a canoe, paddleboard or kayak, or even chartering a fishing boat, and getting out on the water – after all, that’s where the best view is!

6. Explore the Parks

Mississauga’s urban setting is perfectly balanced by its plethora of parks. In every neighbourhood, there is a bounty of green space featuring playgrounds, waterfronts, gardens and trails. It’s even part of Ontario’s Greenbelt, as the home of the Credit River. Conservation is also an important part of Mississauga’s landscape, and areas such as Riverside, Rattray Marsh, and Jack Darling Memorial Park (which features one of Canada’s rare tall grass prairies) are not only beautiful spots to hike, they also help preserve the area’s natural spaces, including many species of local heritage fauna. Bonus: you can check out Mississauga’s park directory for a list of year-round park amenities to help you plan your outing.

7. Discover The Heritage Through Arts and Culture

When planning for the future, it’s always best to first look to the past. Mississauga’s agricultural origins laid the foundation for the bustling epicenter of business and culture that the city has grown to today. To learn more about local history, plan a visit to some of the local museums and take a heritage walking tour. Once you’ve checked those off your list, check out some of the public art, much of which reflects the city’s history and current culture.

8. Join in on Festivals and Live Events

As a hub of culture and entertainment, Mississauga always has lots of events on the go. While large gatherings are restricted right now, plan to take part in some of the city’s most popular happenings. If you’re a sports fan, catch a Steelheads or Raptors 905 game. Classical music and theatre lovers can’t miss the spectacular performances at the Living Arts Centre. Of course, there are many more events happening throughout the city all year long, from food festivals, cultural celebrations like Carassauga, and concerts, to family fun in Celebration Square. Stay tuned to the events calendar to find out what’s coming up.  

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