As Ontario faces the latest wave of pandemic challenges, local businesses are counting on their communities to continue to support them. Restaurants are one of the industries being hit hardest due to restrictions on indoor dining, significantly cutting down on revenue.

On the bright side, many local restaurants are thinking on their feet – pivoting by providing home delivery and curbside pickup so you can still enjoy lots of locally made deliciousness.

Here are some of the ways you can help ensure your favourite Mississauga eateries are still afloat when it’s time to fully reopen. 

1. Buy Now, Enjoy Later: A fantastic way to support local restaurants right now is by purchasing gift cards to use at a later date. This helps carry them through while their potential income is lower and allows you to enjoy a meal when indoor dining resumes.

2. Enjoy Takeout on Off Nights: If you don’t currently have a weekly or monthly takeout night, this is a great time to start. Consider ordering on a weeknight rather than Friday through Sunday when restaurants are typically busier. For example, many people have embraced #TakeoutTuesday during the pandemic to help offset busy periods while still enjoying delicious local meals.

3. Try a New Cuisine: Mississauga is known for being a multicultural city, and food has always been a cornerstone of culture. With over 1,500 dining options featuring more than 150 unique cuisines, why not make a resolution to try some new foods?

4. Spread Word of Mouth: Times are challenging for many right now. Rest assured that you don’t need to spend money to show your support for local restaurants. Positive word of mouth drives business, so be sure to tell your friends and family about your favourite eateries, post positive online reviews and engage with them on social media.

5. Skip the Apps and Order Directly: When you order using third-party apps, you’re often paying for additional service fees. Consider ordering directly from local restaurants and put that extra expense toward some extra sides instead. That way, you’re making sure that the full amount goes right to the restaurant. If you want to save on delivery fees altogether, or if your favourite doesn’t offer their own service, consider asking for curbside pick-up – a free service offered by many local eateries.

6. Try an Outdoor Dining Experience: While indoor seating may be closed, you may still be able to enjoy a restaurant experience outdoors as local restaurants cozy up their patios with lots of heaters. If you’re up for bundling up a bit for dinner, check out restaurants offering unique private outdoor dining, such as an igloo or heated patio.

7. Take Advantage of Lockdown Specials: Many Mississauga restaurants are adapting by offering special offers, including family meal bundles and walk-in deals so you can feed your whole family for less.

8. Try ready-made meals to cook at home : In addition to offering special menus, many local restaurants are also offering ready-made meal kits, catering options or frozen meal options you can cook at home. From pasta to Punjabi, Mississauga is a city that has it all!

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