Everyone has a different idea of what makes the perfect park, be it serene nature views or unique amenities. With over 500 parks across the city, you could spend an entire vacation in Mississauga just exploring them all.

From whimsical playgrounds to the best sports spots, our guide to the perfect park for every preference will help you make the most of your visit.

Looking for a Unique Playground? Your Perfect Parks Are:

  • Fairwinds Park: Kids will love climbing aboard the HMCS Pinnacle, a ship that’s run aground, and exploring the many fanciful features, including the lighthouse, puffins and waves.
  • Mattamy Sports Park: The natural features at the Adventure Playground, including wooden beams and nets to climb, were thoughtfully designed for open-ended play.  
  • Paul Coffey Park: This beloved castle playground inspires kids’ imaginations as they play in a fairytale land, running up to the top of the castle’s turrets or flying away on the park’s dragon.

Looking for a Outdoor Fitness Facilities? Your Perfect Parks Are:

  • Lake Aquitaine: With a comprehensive outdoor fitness circuit, you can skip the gym membership and enjoy some fresh air here while you take advantage of the six fitness stations, including the chest press, leg press, seated lat pull, arm lift, butterfly open and butterfly close. Since the equipment is spaced out, you can add some cardio to your routine.
  • Saigon Park: The park’s one-kilometre trail features a variety of fitness stations as well as distance markers. If you prefer to enjoy some beautiful views while you work out, this park is for you: you can jog past the pond in between circuit stops.  

Mississauga has 29 outdoor fitness parks in total, so you can get a fresh air workout in wherever you’re located. 

Looking for Water Fun? Your Perfect Parks Are:

  • Jack Darling Memorial Park: When you want to cool down on a hot day, Jack Darling should be at the top of your list. There is ample space on the sandy beach bordering Lake Ontario and an unsupervised but shallow swimming area. Afterwards, you can wash off the sand at the spray pad. 
  • Lakefront Promenade Park: The largest waterside park in Sauga, this park has a sandy beach with volleyball courts among a wealth of other amenities. Take a dip in the calm waters then splash around in the large, whimsical spray pad. Or, bring a kayak and paddle along the lake.
  • Celebration Square: The top attraction here is the city’s largest outdoor wading pool, the Fountain. Since it’s so large, it’s tons of fun for the whole family and there are lots of ways to enjoy the water, whether you just want to dip your toes or wade right in. Bring your water toys or floaties, and pack a picnic to enjoy on the nearby benches, or hit up the food trucks in the Square.

Looking for Sports Amenities? Your Perfect Parks Are:

  • Paul Coffey Park: Beyond its whimsical playground, this park has a ton of activities. Sports amenities include facilities for basketball, bocce, cricket, soccer, softball, tennis and skateboarding, plus a multi-pad.
  • Mississauga Valley Park: Join in the fun of one of the latest sports crazes and enjoy pickleball at this park, which has a lit, public course, along with a plethora of other sports features, from volleyball to football.
  • Meadowvale Sports Park: As the name implies, this is a great spot for sports, especially if you like to bike. The BMX-mountain bike park is a fun spot for dirt jumps.

Mississauga has hundreds of parks offering unique combinations of fitness facilities. Check out the full list of amenities.

Looking for Scenic View? Your Perfect Parks Are:

  • Erindale Park: With picturesque wooded trails and views of the scenic Credit River from atop a pedestrian bridge, as well as waterside walking paths, this is an idyllic park for spending a day in nature. Pack a picnic and your camera, and keep an eye out for local wildlife.
  • Kariya Park: Known for being one of the most beautiful parks in Mississauga, Kariya’s Japanese architecture and landscaping, an homage to Mississauga’s sister city of Kariya, is a photographer’s dream. Enjoy pond views, curated gardens, statuary and wildlife while you soak it all in on a bench.
  • J.C. Saddington Park: For peaceful, waterfront walking trails, this is the park for you. The paths take you past Lake Ontario as well as a pond and a small waterfall. The rocky shoreline pier makes for stunning, close-up lake views.

To explore more Mississauga parks and learn about all the features they have to offer, check out the Find a Park map. Follow Visit Mississauga on Facebook and Instagram for more to explore.

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