From daring Jurassic adventures to magical wonderlands, Mississauga is filled with unique attractions that will capture your imagination and keep you coming back to discover even more. No need for a passport or a plane – when you step inside these wonders, you’ll feel transported as the extraordinary becomes reality.  

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Mi Museum

Play with perception at Mississauga’s newest museum, where the impossible is waiting for you around every corner and reality is never quite what it seems. This mesmerizing museum blends science, magic and art, and puts you at the centre of the experience. Explore interactive illusions where you can become one with artistic displays, defy gravity, shrink your body, and even play a hand of poker against yourself. With so many mind-bending moments, you’ll want to have your camera ready for some truly magical photo ops.  

You may not be able to see living dinosaurs anymore, but at Jurassic World, you’ll come pretty close. From the moment you arrive at the park, you’ll be transported. Step off the ferry and venture through the Jurassic World gates to experience Isla Nebular, where you’ll get up close to some of the most majestic creatures to have ever walked the Earth. Enjoy meeting the adorable baby dino Bumpy and see dino eggs incubating in the Jurassic World Creation Lab. Experience a velociraptor show by the park’s trained professionals before being escorted safely past a high-voltage fence housing the king of the dinosaurs, the T-Rex.

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Specially designed for ages 4 and up, kids will love this interactive climbing centre where they can scale a dinosaur, ascend a giant beanstalk and leap over skyscrapers. Adding to the immersion, visitors can climb the augmented reality wall while they play unique video game challenges.

Take off on a high-flying adventure in this ultra-realistic flight simulator as you pilot your way to destinations around the world. Once you step into the cockpit, you’ll immediately be immersed in a meticulously detailed aviation experience, with a fully functional flight deck featuring real, responsive airplane equipment. 

Be immersed in incredible virtual worlds as you explore fantasy realms, defend your friends and fight fearsome foes in one of Mississauga’s exciting virtual reality gaming centres. With multiple VR arcades to choose from, you can keep coming back for new adventures:

  • At Mirage VR you can play in the free-roam space or stationary booths featuring more than 50 unique games. Be the hero fighting off evil in Sherwood Forest before switching to a dance battle. Explore a post-apocalyptic world or sail toward an island of treasure guarded by a fearsome dragon.
  • Enjoy the comfort of a private room for your gaming experience at VR Noble. Known as the first VR arcade in the GTA, it offers over 100 unique games to choose from across four different VR platforms, including free-roaming technology. Gaming options range from sports to fantasy, with plenty of options for all ages.
  • Try a unique VR escape room experience at Link Start VR as you solve puzzles and stage daring escapes in a virtual environment. Explore fantasy worlds with fire-breathing dragons, discover space

Set out on extraordinary adventures and work with your friends to overcome realistic obstacles in one of Mississauga’s exciting escape rooms.

  • For a high-adrenaline experience that goes beyond brain teasers, visit Ready Set Go Adventures. With interactive props and state-of-the-art tech, this spot is perfect for those looking for an elevated escape room. Offering “the scariest escape room you’ll ever play,” horror fans will enjoy the VHS adventure, while those looking for a less spooky thrill have three other adventures to choose from.
  • One of the largest and most lavish escape room chains in North America, Trapped offers five puzzles suitable for groups of up to 10 players. Unique to Trapped, the immersion starts right in the lobby for an exciting pre-game experience.
  • Challenge yourself to one of the three unique mult-room puzzles, custom to the venue at Escape from the 6. After you escape, keep the fun going in the lounge with ping pong and games.

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