As a multicultural hub, Mississauga has some of Ontario’s best authentic international cuisine, from street food to fine dining.

If you’re craving a taste of Asia, take a culinary tour of some of the continent’s most delicious cuisines with a visit to these beloved local restaurants.  

Twin Fish

Reasons to love it: The modern, minimalist aesthetic is comfortable and cool while letting the colourful Thai food take centre stage. A recent interior refresh makes the dining experience even more updated – perfect for a family lunch or a date night.

Menu highlights: The menu offers a range of traditional favourites, including noodle, veggie, beef, chicken and seafood options.The four red snapper dishes are particularly flavourful, and popular choices.

Reasons to love it: Set in a large and comfortable space, the service here is as exceptional as the food, while the dim sum cart service makes for an engaging dining experience.   

Menu highlights: The expansive menu, featuring Cantonese & Sichuan dishes, offers the classics, plus many options not often seen at regular Chinese take-out joints, like roasted suckling pig and fin soup. Summit Garden also has some of the most delicious dim sum in the city.

Dai Ichi

Reasons to love it: The cozy atmosphere serves as the perfect backdrop for the gourmet, beautifully-presented eats. With sushi, Korean and fusion options, there’s something for everyone.   

Menu highlights: Seafood lovers will appreciate the tempura fish, crab and lobster tail options that go beyond the traditional shrimp tempura. With teriyaki, Korean entrees, sashimi and sushi, including standard and special rolls, plan to go very hungry. 

Reasons to love it: The modern but laid-back interior is as warm and inviting as the Filipino meals – ideal for families. Stop in for a full meal or grab some dessert and bubble tea to go. With easy-to-order party trays available, this is a great spot to call when you need catering.

Menu highlights: One of the claims to fame here is the Filipino all-day breakfast, with a variety of tasty silog items. Try a little bit of everything with the combination platters, or order the dish of the day.

Daldongnae BBQ

Reasons to love it: Providing an authentic Korean BBQ experience where you can have fun cooking your selections right at your table, the slightly rustic, wooden design of the space gives a laid-back vibe. Both the interior and the patio will have you feeling transported overseas.

Menu highlights: Pork, beef and vegan options are available to grill, all of which come with sides and various accoutrements. 

Reasons to love it: Traditional Iraqi food with Iranian and Syrian influences can be served family style, perfect for group meals. The luxurious setting makes this an ideal restaurant for a special occasion and the open-fire grill adds to the ambiance.

Menu highlights: Joummar is known for its masgouf fish, a popular Iraqi dish, which you can watch being cooked on an open flame. The menu also features favourites like biryani and kababs. 

Reasons to love it: Dubbed a “boutique Indian restaurant,” the atmosphere of The Maharajah is fittingly elegant and intimate, with colourful and stylish fittings. With a contemporary approach to age-old culinary traditions, the menu (and the restaurant itself) spans four regions of India’s Golden Eras. In fact, you’ll even receive a tour of the restaurant before you’re seated.

Menu highlights: Each dish on the menu has been specifically curated to tell a story related to the region it represents. While tailored, there is still a broad selection, from kababs to curry, including meat and vegetarian options.

Reasons to love it: A casual spot where traditionally cooked Pakistani kahari is the focus, food is served right in the wok where it’s cooked, with quality ingredients and delicious flavours. This is an unpretentious dining experience meant to be shared.

Menu highlights: No matter your favourite protein, there is a karahi on the menu for you, plus specialty options like beef nihari, a flavourful stew. 

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