Amidst the city’s urban amenities, you can discover some not-so-hidden natural gems, and during the Spring, they really shine. One of those gems is the beloved Kariya Park, the ultimate destination for viewing beautiful cherry blossoms, among other scenic sights.

Plan the perfect Spring excursion to see the cherry blossoms with our itinerary showcasing more to see nearby, can’t-miss events happening during peak season and tips for the best viewing experience.

Journey to Japan at Kariya Park

Named for its sister city in Japan, Kariya Park is one of the most scenic sights in Mississauga, featuring traditional Japanese architecture and landscaping features. Around 80 cherry trees are typically in bloom from late April to early May, making the park especially vibrant.

To make the most of your visit, plan to spend some time enjoying everything the park has to offer beyond cherry blossoms. The beautiful magnolia trees will also be in bloom during peak season, alongside seasonal gardens throughout the park. You can also enjoy the view of the pond with its resident birds, fish and turtles. Along with the flora and fauna, you’ll also want to see the zen garden and the statues located throughout the park. Don’t miss out on the pedestrian bridge across the pond either – the perfect selfie spot.

TIP: For unobstructed views of the cherry blossoms, the best time to visit Kariya Park is early in the day. True early birds can even plan to visit right at sunrise, or in the hour afterward known as golden hour, for an especially scenic view with ideal lighting for photography.

Want to keep enjoying the outdoors? Just a short walk from Kariya Park you can also discover the Queen Elizabeth II Jubilee Garden which borders Celebration Square. While it may not have cherry blossoms, you can see lots of other Spring flowers and foliage in the serene space while you relax on a park bench to enjoy the blooms

Next, Indulge in Japanese Brunch

Stay immersed in Japanese culture and history, with a visit to FuwaFuwa in Square One for some world-class souffle pancakes. These jiggly flapjacks are a tasty Japanese specialty served in a variety of unique flavours, including matcha tiramisu and crème brulee, as well as the signature stack topped with fresh fruits and cream. Beyond being delicious, these pancakes were historically served at celebrations for good fortune, though they’re now enjoyed every day, making them the perfect snack for an auspicious outing.

Experience Art, Culture, and Fashion at Square One Shopping Centre

While at Square One, take some time to enjoy some luxe shopping among the many designer stores. Besides being Mississauga’s largest mall, Square One has unique amenities to enjoy, including a variety of entertainment offerings and dozens of food options. While you’re there, don’t miss out on Uncle Tetsu’s Japanese Cheesecake! Grab one of the fluffy sweet treats to bring home.  

For a change of pace, add some excitement to your day with a stop at The Rec Room for a round of bowling or arcade gaming.

Find More Blossoms and Natural Beauty to Explore

Once you’ve fueled up and had some fun, head back out into nature to take in even more stunning scenery. While the most notable, Kariya Park isn’t the only spot in the city to view cherry blossoms. The Riverwood Conservancy, popular for its vast variety of gardens, trails and historic buildings, is also home to beautiful cherry trees.

At Brueckner Rhododendron Gardens, different varietals of the namesake flowers bloom throughout the Spring season, with some earlier and others later. Iff you visit during cherry blossom season you can also enjoy the flowering trees scattered among its picturesque grounds. Situated near Lake Ontario, this is a lovely garden to visit if you’d also like to enjoy a waterfront view just steps away.

Enjoy an Authentic and Delicious Dinner 

Indulge in a delicious Japanese meal at Gyubee Japanese Grill. Have fun as you roast your own meal right at the table. Enjoy flavourful dishes like miso. marinated steak, mushroom medleys, pork belly and more. Experience even more authentic flavours in the cocktail and mocktail offerings, like yuzu honey sawa or soda, or try some hot sake.

End with Exciting Entertainment

Make your adventure extra special by taking in a live show or event. Check out what’s happening in Mississauga during cherry blossom season:

  • From April 26 – May 5, see the spectacular musical Mamma Mia! at Meadowvale Theatre.
  • Explore the life and trials of Ruth Bader Ginsberg in All Things Equal at the Living Arts Centre.
  • Join the Mississauga Symphony Orchestra on April 27 as they pay tribute to the biggest names in popular music during Symphonic Pops at the Living Arts Centre.
  • On May 5, enjoy music performed by alumni from the first 10 years of the Mississauga Symphony Youth Orchestra during Celebration: 10th Anniversary Concert.
  • For a fun family night, bring the kids to dance and sing along to Mini Pop Kids Live.
  • Experience an exciting evening of music, singing, stage dance and skits at Canara Kala Saanz 2024 at Meadowvale Theatre.

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