With a city representing hundreds of unique cultures, it’s no surprise that Mississauga’s foodie scene is as diverse as it is flavourful, fusing tradition with modern trends. Mississauga’s culinary artists each bring their own take to cultural traditions and cuisines, drawing inspiration from a variety of classic dishes while adding their own distinctive twist.

Fusion foods are a fun and tasty way to explore a world of new flavours from some of the best local global-inspired eateries. Try our top menu picks for your next fusion feast.

Fusion Favourite: Chicken Naan Pizza

At Laari Adda, vibrant Pakistani street culture comes to Canada in this truck stop-style resto. While the menu features plenty of authentic Pakistani staples, the sharables feature unique fusion takes. Try the chicken naan pizza which brings the flavours of coriander and chicken tikka to this Italian staple.

Fusion Favourite: Sumo Crunch Sushi Burrito

Su & Shi says they’re redefining sushi, and we agree. Combining the convenience of a burrito with all the best sushi flavours and fillings, this is a great way to get your sushi fix while on the go. The Sumo Crunch burrito, which includes shrimp tempura, crab meat salad and more, is as tasty as it is filling.

Fusion Favourite: Masrawy Fusion Sandwich

Masrawy Kitchen combines authentic Egyptian flavours with Western favourites in their sandwiches, served on either a Fino baguette or Balady bread. The chef’s pick, the Masrawy Fusion Sandwich, brings an Egyptian twist to grilled chicken, topping it with mixed Masrawy vegetables and Masrawy garlic aioli.

Fusion Favourite: Roti Tacos

At Punjabi-Canadian restaurant Rick’s Good Eats, nearly everything is served with a fusion twist. The Roti Tacos are a mainstay on the menu and a fan-favourite. The classic flavours are filled with either crispy paneer, butter chicken or tandoori fried chicken, but keep an eye out for special limited-edition flavours. If you want to add on to your meal, pick up some apple pie samosas for a sweet treat.

Fusion Favourite: Truffle Gnocchi

This isn’t your Nonna’s gnocchi! Bonsai Asian Bistro & Bar, known for its Asian fusion, makes their gnocchi with Japanese pumpkin and sweet potato, then gives it a twist with miso pancetta, and Asian mushrooms, as well as truffle and parmesan. Finish your meal off with Bonsai’s black sesame crème brulee.

Fusion Favourite: Oxtail Poutine

With the word “fusion” in its name, you know the menu needs to be all about fantastic flavour combinations, and Reggae Fusion Caribbean Restaurant delivers. While the signature dish here is Jerk Chicken, one of the top fusion choices is the Jamaican twist on a Canadian classic, oxtail poutine. If you are craving jerk spices, you can also opt for the jerk chicken poutine.

Fusion Favourite: Arabian Crepe

When you’re looking for a cool summer treat, there’s nothing like ice cream, and Pinochi Ice Cream brings this classic treat to the next level with Arabic flavours while keeping it Halal. You’ll find the Arabic ice cream in our fusion pick, the Arabian crepe, along with ashta and nuts.

Fusion Favourite: Tandoori Fried Chicken Waffle Sandwich

Kathi Roll Eatery is another local favourite with a ton of tasty fusion flavours, merging international flair with Indian flavours. One of the most unique is a twist on southern comfort food, the tandoori fried chicken waffle sandwich. Try it with a side of masala fries.

Fusion Favourite: Chicken Katsu Bao

Combining Vietnamese sandwiches, which originate from a fusion of French baguettes and Vietnamese flavours, with Taiwanese steamed buns, Bao Sandwich Bar adds another level of fusion by incorporating flavours from across Asia to its fluffy sandwiches. The chicken katsu bao adds some delicious, Japanese umami flavour. Grab the combo deal and add a side of Seoul Kimchi fries with Bulgogi beef.

There is a world of flavour to try in Mississauga. For more culinary adventure inspiration, stay tuned to Visit Mississauga on Facebook and Instagram.