If you’re seeking an elevated culinary experience, look no further! Mississauga’s renowned restaurants provide a taste of the world, blending authentic flavors with upscale, luxurious presentation and design. Whether you’re celebrating special occasions or simply indulging in the artistry of international dining, a trip to Mississauga promises a sumptuous meal to remember.

  • The Cuisine: Modern yet authentic Indian dishes that blend South Asian and Middle Eastern culture, plus gourmet cocktails, styled as a multi-sensory experience. 
  • The Vibe: One of Mississauga’s newest and most lavish restaurants, every detail of this restaurant embodies luxury, style and taste. The nature-inspired interior design is every bit as thoughtfully curated as the menu. Throughout the space, natural materials are paired with botanical accents, creating a chic, intimate oasis despite the sprawling space.
  • The Cuisine: Refined, upscale Korean BBQ with gourmet ingredients like Wagyu beef or premium ox tongue to grill along with staples like Bulgogi noodles and Bibimbap. On weekends, don’t miss the tasty Korean brunch.
  • The Vibe: Truly one of the jewels of Mississauga’s restaurant scene, Miga is beloved for its design as much as for its food. The interior is warm and inviting, frequently updated with holiday accents, but patio season is where this gem really shines, as the outdoor dining area is bedecked with lush botanicals for a photo-worthy outing. They’ve even built in some special photo ops! 
  • The Cuisine: Part bar, part restaurant, serving creative cocktails and a curated, modern menu of gastronomic Indian tapas with international influences. Some of the fusion items include Baos with paneer tikka stuffing, lamb kebabs and Kolkata Special Street Style Chow Mein.  
  • The Vibe: Newly opened in the summer of 2023, the space is modern but luxurious, taking inspiration from the art-deco era with plush buffet seating, botanical accents, vintage art and brass detailing throughout, offering one of the most opulent interiors of all the restaurants in the city.
  • The Cuisine: A culinary tour through the unique regions of India and their distinctive, authentic regional dishes, but with a contemporary take. Food is prepared using historic methods and served with a dash of grandeur.
  • The Vibe: Vibrant, opulent yet cozy décor is part of The Maharajah’s experience. From the luminescent onyx bar and cheerful colour scheme to the Indian artifacts that adorn the space, the restaurant is designed to immerse you in the grandiose beauty and culture of India.
  • The Cuisine: As the name alludes, you’ll find two unique Asian influences on the expansive menu, which includes both a-la-carte and all-you-can-eat options, all of which are as beautifully presented as you could want. The breadth of flavourful options means that if you’re not up for Wind’s renowned sushi, you can enjoy satay, curry or noodle dishes, and much more.
  • The Vibe: While the interior is sleek and modern, elegantly decorated in natural tones that are warmed up by the built-in stone fireplaces, the patio is pretty and stylish, with potted flowers and marble patio tables adding to the ambiance.
  • The Cuisine: The mouthwatering Iraqi menu features a variety of seafood and grilled meats, but the claim to fame is its Masgouf fish dish, cooked using traditional methods over an open charcoal flame. 
  • The Vibe: The same flame-fired grill that’s used for its signature dish is also the centrepiece of the restaurant, which adds to the authentic and exciting ambiance, along with the modern Middle Eastern décor.
  • The Cuisine: Flavourful fusion serving European cuisine with Greek, Italian, Balkan and Mediterranean influences. While elevated, the menu feels accessible and comforting, making for unpretentious yet still “fancy” eats.
  • The Vibe: With warm wood accents throughout, that atmosphere here is rustic elegance. The décor is understated and chic, serving as the perfect backdrop for the many special events hosted on-site while letting the food take centre stage. On Fridays and Saturdays, sophisticated live music amps up the lively atmosphere.  

Beyond these seven picks, Mississauga has hundreds of international eateries ranging from comfort food to fine dining. Stay tuned to Visit Mississauga on Facebook and Instagram for all the latest restaurant recommendations. 

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