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Tourism Mississauga is seeking input to help uncover & shape its Tourism Messaging, Identity & Brand.

Tell Us What You Think About Mississauga

When it comes to tourism marketing, there’s a belief that what makes a place different is a landmark like the Eiffel Tower. The reality is that every place has landmarks – they are not what makes a place unique.  What makes a place unique is the combination of assets – the history and prehistory, people, cultures, geography, climate, environment, and economy. 

Tourism Mississauga has retained Destination Think to help determine this unique “thumbprint” or Place DNA® of Mississauga by engaging with the people that live and work there, as well as people who have visited. When you participate in this process, and share what you love about Mississauga, you will help us uncover, build and amplify the best our city has to offer. 

Tourism comprises 10% of Mississauga’s workforce. Between accommodations, food and beverage services, travel services, recreation and entertainment, and transportation. Our community benefits from tourism investments as it makes Mississauga an even greater place to live, work, get an education and visit.

Destination Think has created a survey to obtain your thoughts as either a resident or a visitor on what makes Mississauga, Mississauga.

The survey will take no more than 10 minutes to complete and is completely anonymous.

Are you a local Mississauga resident?
Please complete the Resident survey using the link below.

Have you ever visited Mississauga?
Please complete the Visitor survey using the link below.

Want To Tell Us More?

In addition to the resident survey above, we will be hosting several virtual workshops looking to hear more from a select number of respondents. 

If you are a Mississauga resident, a local business owner, or a tourism stakeholder in Mississauga, we invite you to submit a registration request below, and let us know what workshop could best work for your schedule. (time required: 3 hours).

Space is Limited. Please submit a registration request below to let us know you are interested.

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the workshop.


Wednesday, June 1
2pm Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Submit request to attend this meeting


Thursday, June 2
2pm Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Submit request to attend this meeting 


Friday, June 3
2pm Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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Please feel free to share the survey links, or workshop invites with your neighbours, friends & family members who live or have visited Mississauga.

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