The leaves are changing, the weather is getting crisp, and the smell of pumpkin spice is in the air. That means it’s time to grab your sweater and head outdoors to enjoy the scenic Autumn views. Enjoy a walk through the woods or take some family photos with the colourful flora as your background.

There are plenty of places right here in Mississauga to take in the scenery – you’ll find beautiful colours all over the city and throughout its many parks. You’re sure to fall for the foliage in these nearby spots.  

Picture-Perfect Fall Foliage

Many families take to the outdoors once sweater weather hits to take some cozy family portraits. After all, nature is the perfect backdrop! These are some photographer-favourite locations.

  • Adamson Estate: This is a popular spot for photography year-round, but the trees are especially spectacular in the Fall. The grounds feature a heritage home and barn that make it perfect for rustic portraits.
  • Queen Elizabeth II Jubilee Garden: A lesser-known location, this garden is scattered with trees that turn fiery in the Fall, as well as charming benches, that make any photoshoot beautiful, even if you’re just snapping some selfies.
  • Rattray Marsh: The boardwalk at this park is especially scenic in the Autumn but there are numerous locations at the Marsh that are perfect for Fall photography, including the cobble beach.

Head for the Woods 

Who doesn’t love to feel the crunch of fallen leaves underfoot? A day spent hiking is one of the best ways to saturate yourself with Autumn scenery. Many of the Mississauga trails are suitable for cycling as well.

  • Erindale Park: As the largest park in Mississauga, this should be first on your list if you’re looking for a lengthier scenic walk under a stunning Autumn canopy. It encompasses the heavily forested Culham Trail, which is a popular spot for viewing the changing leaves. The variety of trees, including maples and willows among others, make for a remarkable view.
  • Sawmill Creek Park: Also connecting to the Culham Trail, the Sawmill Creek Loop is another stunning park if you’re looking to extend your trek. Here you can enjoy the view from the boardwalk or go off-trail. You’ll be surrounded by stunning old-growth trees everywhere you look. Make sure to have your camera ready at the pedestrian bridge.
  • Credit Meadows Park: If you’re looking for a lesser-known foliage spot, this is it. While the canopy is somewhat less full than other parks, you’ll see the stunning colours reflected in the river. Bonus: in addition to trails, this park also features a playground so the kids can enjoy some more outdoors time.

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